8 Steps to start making money


Welcome to this simple training site without bells and whistles which I setup to help me teach you my whole money making system I use myself daily.

There are 8 Steps to complete. Simply Follow Instructions in each Step. After a certain amount of Steps, you will be asked to get back to me personally on Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger so I can verify your setup thus far and share some nitty gritty top earner stuff at other times!

I would like to add that Earning online is not hard but it requires some preparation especially if You want to earn $75,000 per month online!

I earned $36,200 in 1 single day back in March 2009! Such days are of rare occurrance but they do happen! You can do it too with my system!

This system I’ll show you is a result of 10’s of thousands of trials and errors over a period of 7 years full time and when I say full time, I’m talking about working up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week just testing things out for the best!

Don’t underestimate the setup you’ll learn through my 8 Step blueprint. It is an exact science on a way of earning huge sums of income online that I use every day!

I know many other ways of earning online but what I’ll show you is easiest to understand and implement with very little to no investments to start-up. Most everything, or about 97% of things I suggest are free to join or download. Free is better, don’t you agree?

If you attempt to modify this system, be prepared for trials and errors and don’t come to me crying. To avoid any complications, follow the 8 steps exactly.

All the pieces Fit together perfectly! Nothing is left to chance if you want to earn a 5 digit monthly Income online.

Lets leave chance to lottery players. In my world, we take precise actions to produce precise results!

It’s now time to get to work and learn if you are up for the challenge of course, and it is indeed a challenge to setup my System because there will be times you’ll be stuck and ask me support and may go back and forth like this for a few days or weeks.

But I will be here for you when you need help and give you unconditional support so that you succeed with my system as I claimed you would!

The time it takes to be setup like I am is mostly dependant on your level of knowledge with Windows and softwares.

If your knowledgeable, you’ll zip through the 8 steps in 3 weeks or less, if you are a newbie to PC operating systems, it could take you 2 months to be setup exactly like I am.

Whatever knowledge you have, when you need help, I will only be an IM messenger message away and I’ll reply within 24 hours. Usually much sooner…

Edward Noubi

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