Step 3

Here are simple instructions below so you can reach me on Messenger or by email to get the most important Step 4. The reason I want you to install Messenger is because from now on, lessons will be more on a private and personal level and you will also need more support and I’m actually easier to reach via Messenger because you can leave me questions 24/7 even if I’m offline and If you are Lucky, I can sometimes reply live right away.

Via Hotmail or yahoo Messenger:

Here is the link To Install yahoo Messenger automatically if you don’t have it already and click the “Download” button on that page


Or click on to download windows live messenger

Once installed simply go to the “contact” area in Yahoo Messenger and click “add contact”. Put to add me.

If You already have Yahoo or windows live Messenger , you can add me in your contact list the same way as above with my yahoo user name which is

Step 4 and Availability:

To Get Step 4, you’ll need to reach me on Yahoo Messenger or by e-mail lower down and leave me a message even if I’m offline about wanting Step 4. No If’s and but’s…. you’ll need to work to get the most important Step of your life. I’m waiting for your message on Messenger or e-mail… (This will also test your patience in reaching me which is one of the aspects for success) I am not always on messenger. In fact I come in only for a couple hours every day which is why most times , you’ll need to leave me a message or questions and wait for my reply most likely the next day).


Chinese proverb: “Success grows on trees of patience”

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