Step 2

Download All The Softwares, Script etc in this Step below by clicking the links and saving them at a location on your hard drive you can find them after… On your desktop if you’re a newbie. You will need these tools with my system. Their all free softwares.

Install Free Alexa Toolbar: This toolbar will raise your Alexa ranking which in turn will raise your search engine position.

Download Trellian Webpage Creator Here: Install it and don’t accept the updated version. When asked. uncheck the SEO and Toolbar extras, you don’t need those.
For Macintosh, you can use Kompozer: Support for Kompozer is supplied personally by me.

Autoresponder Script: Download this somewhere on your PC hard drive that you’ll recall where it is but NOT on your Desktop if possible.

Filezilla For Windows:
Filezilla for Macintosh:

Firefox Browser For Windows: Setup 4.0.exe
For Macintosh: 4.0.dmg Download and Install.

Teamviewer For Windows:
Teamviewer For Macintosh:
Download and Install the Free non commercial version when asked while installing and Full Access version when later asked while its installing.
: For Windows Users, Once installed and if and when you Start it, When it asks you if you want to download/update to version 6, Don’t do it! It has too many bugs! Stay with this version 5 which works perfectly!
Macintosh Users, Download and Install supplied version above. You won’t be using Teamviewer unless you need live interactive one on one support from me, but have it installed in case.

Also Download Some Website Templates:

You will also Join SFI Marketing Group for Free by clicking this link:

SFI Will be your Long Term Huge Money Maker and you will want to get started working on SFI as soon as possible! It will not be your only income source within my system which we will see later. The Income Potential with SFI is unlimited but you can realistically Earn around $12,000/month within 3 years!

I always make sure you’ll invest as little as possible in your home business startup which is why you want to join SFI above for Free until you get a good sense of how SFI works before upgrading, and this even if the upgrade is a very low investment!

Don’t you dare Upgrade Blindly in ANY Opportunity including SFI! You first need to open your heart and mind to SFI and accept them as your future Income provider for Many years to come,… so go ahead and have a good look around SFI and see for yourself how huge they are but at the same time how well organized they are! If you asked me “what is the best business opportunity online right now”, I would definetly answer SFI without hesitation!

At SFI you can start with very little to no investment at All. Sure, It takes money to earn money in any business but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either to start up. I was in your shoes many years ago and missed out on a few things because I didn’t know what counted and what didn’t. A Rock Solid Business foundation with impeccable track record like SFI counts!

Unzipping Files:

When unzipping files like, I suggest you use Winrar or windows built in unzipper. If you use third party softwares to unzip files, you might end up missing files or folders once unzipped. You can download Winrar here: or use the free unzipper in Windows by right clicking the file you want to unzip and select extract.

Click Here to go to Step 3

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