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Step 1

Start by joining All Free 40 Traffic Exchanges lower down that you are not a member to start your way towards getting 120,000 Visitors/Month To Any Web Site, but read and follow these few instructions first…

The 1st thing you will do is Bookmark this page in your Favorites right now! It is unlikely that you will be able to join all 40 in one session, even though some of you will be able to join all of them within a couple hours, there are some of you may need to come back, Bookmark it now and then continue reading below.

An Important Step before you join the Traffic Exchanges below is to have a good email address available when you join them. Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail are acceptable for these Traffic Exchanges if you really have no other e-mail, but better is an email provided free by your Internet Service Provider.

Note: If you are already a member of some Traffic exchanges below, skip them, but make sure you joined all of them below as my Method is of a cross promotion insider science.

Also, few of the Traffic Exchanges will ask you to surf a few pages to activate your account. Most don’t ask but a few do, so just surf the few pages they ask and it will be done with..

When joining Traffic Exchanges below, you will be asked to provide a URL when joining. Use the URL of something you are or were promoting for now. Any URL that exists online will do as its only temporary just so they let you become a member. You will have your own URL in a future Step so don’t worry about that and put any web site address if you really don’t have one.

Some Exchanges will require you to Surf a few websites to activate your account. I suggest you do it right away as it takes very little time to surf 5 or 10 webpages and it will be done. Most will require you to click a link they’ll email you after you join to verify you are a real person. This Step 1 will seperate the Dreamers from the Go-Getters simply because it may take you a few hours to complete. Later in Step 6 I will show you a Secret on how to Surf them all at the Same Time for Massive Traffic results!

(Clicking a link below should open each in a new window so you don’t lose focus on this list. In case it does not open in a new Window is why I instructed you earlier to bookmark this Step in your Favorites! If you haven’t done it already, do it Now, then Go ahead and become a member of the programs below at your own pace… Their all Free to join)

1) www.soaring4traffic.com

2) realhitz4u.com

3) http://www.startxchange.com

4) http://hit2hit.com/?rid=54161

5) http://www.proclickexchange.com

6) http://webcentresurf.com

7) http://www.trafficpunk.com

8 ) http://www.traffic-splash.com

9) http://maxtrafficpro.com

10) http://www.deepseahits.com

11) http://www.hitsafari.com/?rid=1231

12) http://rainforestclicks.com/?rid=11091

13) http://www.easyhits4u.com/?ref=edwardal

14) http://www.tezaktrafficpower.com/?referer=edwardal

15) http://trafficg.com/?member=edwardal

16) http://www.rainforestclicks.com/?rid=10114

17) http://www.ilovehits.com/?rid=77829

18) http://swattraffic.com/?rid=3801

19) http://www.traffictaxis.com/?rid=9041

20) http://bootscootintraffic.com/?rid=11535

21) http://carnivalclicks.com/?rid=5086

22) http://webmasterquest.com/?ref=ben480

23) http://bionichits.com/index.cgi?ref=master

24) http://www.fasteasytraffic.com/?r=77137

25) http://www.10khits4unow.com/?r=24620

26) http://www.lotsmorehits.com/?refid=3764

27) http://www.eternalhits.com/index.php?username=ben480

28) http://www.1modernsolution.com/?rid=185

29) http://www.trafficroundup.com/newuser.php?ref=ben480

30) http://webbizinsider.com/Join.asp?RID=20179

31) http://www.clickvoyager.com/?id=ben480

32) http://www.hitsboosterpro.com/splash3.php?rid=14231

33) http://www.limehits4u.com?r=58403

34) http://advertisingknowhow.com/members/traffic.php?referer=ben480

35) http://www.ts25.com/index.jsp?ref=ben480

36) http://www.web-biz-solutions.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi?ref=17282

37) http://www.trafficera.com/?ref=ben480

38) http://www.trafficpods.com/index.jsp?ref=ben480

39) http://www.hitpulse.com/jsp/index.jsp?ref=ben480

40) http://dragonsurf.biz/?rid=8132

Once all joined and verified your email with them and fully activated account, procede to Step 2 by clicking the link below. All Exchange programs above have the highest membership base combined from a list of 191. It may take a few days with some to join up and others will be immediate. Only go to (Step 2) If you have completed this step fully by clicking below.

Bring me to Step 2

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